Legends boxing club was born in the fall of 2008 after the passing of both my parents I wanted to honor my parents with something that meant a lot to me and that would always be a reminder of lifes sacrifices they made in raising seven boys and one grandson the same sacrifice a young man or a young woman has to sacrifice to be the very best as well as my desire to give back what was once given to me an opportunity to display my talent as a young man.. And as God will honor and bless as legends boxing club family every champion that comes out of legends boxing club is in honor of God and my parents Flavio Arreola and Elvira Arreola Cornejo thank you My God, my Mom and dad for giving me the opportunity to make a Print in this world... Fransisco Arreola


In Honor of..

Flavio Arreola & Elvira Arreola Comejo

The Web site is still being created and under construction, should be finished in a few weeks. Please enjoy the site so far and it will only get better so check back in the coming weeks..

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Legends Boxing Club